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At Cairns Wire we take exceptional pride in our premium quality craftsmanship of Interior Balustrade, Handrails and Stairs.

Cairns Wire are leading suppliers and manufacturers of custom stainless steel or timber balustrade and handrails.

Interior Stainless Steel and Timber balustrades can be an extremely stylish design choice to enhance your home, turning your stair case and stair well into a stunning architectural feature.

Stainless steel not only enhances your home but is an extremely low maintenance and durable product. You can choose from a range of designs or completely customise your project.

Our marine grade stainless steel products and materials are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure a longer lasting product and meet all Australian and Building requirements.

Cairns Wire work closely with their customers to ensure full satisfaction and all requirements are met, we strive to ensure you get exactly what you envisage!

See some of our stainless steel and timber stair balustrade projects below.

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